Peter Gammons: Daniel Bard is willing to endure the frustration

JUPITER—It’s for the pure love of the game, it’s that, as Daniel Bard says, “I still know there’s something.” Something of what in 2010 might have been the best setup man in baseball, 98 MPH, a 1.93 earned run average, 76 strikeouts in 74 2/3 innings. Before it all unraveled in Sept., 2011, when his […]

Peter Gammons: The Mattingly/ Leyland Letter, “Little Things”

Most everyone across baseball leaves for spring training this weekend in Florida or Arizona, with some form of preparation behind them, physical, mental, winter baseball experience, rest for the nearly nine months required to get to the final day of the World Series. Recently, everyone in uniform or in the Marlins organization received a letter […]

Videos: Peter Gammons does Hall of Fame weekend

Peter Gammons hosts the 2016 Hall of Fame Roundtable with newly inducted Hall of Famers Mike Piazza and Ken Griffey Jr…. Condensed… Your browser does not support iframes. Peter from Fenway discussing the Hall of Fame weekend…

Video: Peter Gammons on Piazza’s long journey

Peter Gammons narrates a personally written passage of Mike Piazza’s long and illustrious journey to Cooperstown…

MLB Video Tribute: The Late Great Bob Welch

MLB Tonight remembers the Late Great Bob Welch… Tommy Lasorda joins the Mets’ broadcast booth to reflect on the life and career Bob Welch… Rookie Bob Welch strikes out Mr. October Reggie Jackson to win Game 2 of the 1978 World Series, in one of the greatest pitcher-batter duels in history… With a 1-run lead, […]

MLB Video Special: Jackie Robinson Day

Jackie Robinson Day quick recap… Hall of Fame broadcasters Vin Scully and Jon Miller introduce the lineups for the Dodgers and Giants… Jackie Robinson’s daughter Sharon discusses the celebration of her father… Vin Scully discusses Jackie Robinson’s struggles with death threats and why everyone wears number 42… Empire State Building lights up in Dodger Blue […]

Living Hall of Famers

The recent loss of Ralph Kiner is felt by so many different baseball groups including the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame calls it “Club 306” The Hall of Fame is comprised of 306 elected members. Included are 211 former major league players, 28 executives, 35 Negro leaguers, 22 managers and 10 umpires. The […]