Carl Yastrzemski on Tony Conigliaro

Carl Yastrzemski was in the on deck circle when Jack Hamilton’s pitch hit Tony C in the eye. “We were all afraid for him,” says Yaz. “It’s like he almost lost the ball. He never moved. It hit him flush, and we didn’t have the ear flaps then. When he went down, I thought it […]

Peter Gammons: The archaic, arbitrary, and unwritten rules of beaning

Manny Machado made a late, bad slide Friday. He didn’t read the situation, as Dustin Pedroia was stretched out towards Xander Bogaerts, back turned to first base, and had no intention of turning a double play, which should have been obvious to Machado, who slid, leg high, caught the knee Pedroia had surgically repaired in […]

Legends of the Game: Age by age HR leaders

Lee Sinins is the creator of the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, the most powerful baseball encyclopedia on the market. All stats in the ATM reports are generated from the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, unless explictly stated otherwise. FRAA, since 1950, comes from Baseball Prospectus. Lee can be followed on twitter @ATMreports. Today’s Legends of the Game are […]

Peter Gammons: Gold Glove outfielder Paul Blair passes away at 69

Paul Blair died this week, six weeks from his 70th birthday. He was a great defensive centerfielder who won eight gold gloves, played classically shallow and was a key figure on both the 1966 and 1970 Oriole world championship teams. On May 31, 1970, Blair was beaned by Angels pitcher Ken Tatum. His nose was […]

Tony Conigliaro – Playing the Field