Peter Gammons: MLB’s mantle passes onto Manfred

Bud Selig’s legacy is that he guided baseball from a sport governed by “sportsmen” who even when The Strike hit the fans in August, 1994 still thought Messersmith-McNally and the Players Association could be dismissed to an entertainment industry/business. He was like George Herbert Walker Bush when he dealt with the leaders of the world, […]

Gammons Notes: Rob Manfred, Giancarlo Stanton, recovering in Colorado and Rusney Castillo

There is no question Rob Manfred can be a very good commissioner, as Tim Brosnan would have been, and so would Bob Iger had baseball been willing to look outside their house. Manfred knows where the bodies are buried. He understands some of the issues in the gathering storms between a new union leadership and […]

Peter Gammons: Bidding Farewell to the Toughest Job in Baseball

In between the glow of Derek Jeter’s elegant respect and next weekend’s historic inductions in Cooperstown, the murky, backroom politics of baseball kept Bud Selig from enjoying prolonged moments of the sport he loves, and the business he runs. Were there flaws in the entire All-Star festival? Of course. The notion that an exhibition game […]