Corey Seager: From Prospect to Postseason

The following contribution comes from Bodie Dykstra. You can follow Bodie on Twitter @bodiedykstra. When July turned to August and August to September, it appeared as though the Year of the Rookie may have left Dodgers top prospect Corey Seager behind. Along with Carlos Correa and Addison Russell, Seager was universally regarded as one of […]

Joc Pederson is baseball’s must-watch prospect in 2015

Lou Musto is a beat writer for the SWB RailRiders and has been featured on USA Today, Forbes, and Comcast Sports Net. Follow him on Twitter @LouisMusto. The Los Angeles Dodgers were awfully busy this offseason trading off old talent and bringing in new (old) contributors, but all their unraveling may have opened the door for the […]

Are top prospects overvalued in baseball?

It’s a predicament that every club faces at one point or another. Nearly every offseason, a big name player is available on the trade market and teams begin to evaluate two things: A) Whether or not they possess the quality of prospects to make such a deal and B) Whether or not they want to […]

Peter Gammons: Arizona Fall League’s Top 9 Player Comps

The Fall League is all about what you see. Sometimes the length of the workload from February to November wears many players down, especially pitchers, but when scouts and executives gather for weeks and an event like Saturday night’s All Star Game, there is a relaxed joy in simply watching young players and projecting. They seemed […]