Peter discusses the Trade Deadline

Peter joins MLB central as the Trade Deadline approaches to discuss which players may be traded, Chris Gimenez contributions, the Angels finding a way without Trout, and more…

Trade Paparazzis

One rule change that baseball has improved is the July 31 trade deadline. It has made the month of July an exciting month  pennant races finally coming into focus  for players on the field,  fans in  the stands, the media in the press box and bloggers on  the internet.  Baseball is the one  sport that is arguably more defined  […]

Video: Peter Gammons talks pitching market, Astros, Mariners, and Red Sox

From Fenway Park, Peter Gammons joins Kelly Nash on MLB Network to discuss the Astros’ plan for Yulieski Gourriel, and the pitching market as we head closer and closer to the trade deadline…

Peter Gammons: Red Sox’ bright future and more from San Diego

SAN DIEGO—It was at this time last season that across New England there were howls to trade Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley and even Xander Bogaerts for a pitcher, any veteran pitcher, no matter how he profiled pitching for the Red Sox, who play 108 games a season in four of the worst pitchers’ parks […]

Peter Gammons: Midway Point Thoughts (Parts 1 and 2)

As the 2016 passes the midway point with the curtsy of the All Star Game, last weekend’s game at Fort Bragg, N.C. perfectly captured its responsibility as the National Pastime, symbolically, and because of the Marlins and Braves players, the reality in a time when the country is struggling to maintain its most important freedom, […]

Video: Peter Gammons on Blue Jays improving at the Trade Deadline, Matt Wieters, and evaluating the waiver period

Peter Gammons joins MLB Central to talk about the Blue Jays improving at the Trade Deadline. Additionally, Peter discusses the health status of Matt Wieters and the complexities of the waiver period.

Peter Gammons: Public opinion casts long shadow over GMs

Six days out from the Trade Deadline, the wake from the S.S. Blue Jays can be seen for miles and miles and miles out across Lake Ontario. They haven’t lost since Troy Tulowitzki and David Price were acquired, averaging six runs a game with Tulowitzki in the lineup, and the sound in the Rogers Centre […]

Coffee and Clippings: Positions of need, Red Sox facing some tough decisions

Alex Speier (@alexspeier) of the Boston Globe talks Red Sox and addresses the long-term needs of the club. The Sox have three corner positions whose future is entwined, the result of one forthcoming vacancy and two of the worst defensive performances in recent memory. The real crux of the Red Sox offseason in terms of […]

Trade Deadline Emotions

In about 48 hours the baseball landscape will have permanently changed for 2015 while the 2016 season will start to be carved out. Teams desperately attempting to play for a spot in this year’s playoff circus will be doing almost anything to secure a banger or a hurler who can hit that tater to win the game or whiff […]

Video: Peter Gammons discusses Troy Tulowitzki among other trade deadline topics

Peter Gammons joins Kelly Nash on The Rundown to talk about the Blue Jays acquiring Troy Tulowitzki from the Rockies in addition to potential trades around the league to come before the July 31 deadline.