Peter Gammons: The kid from Milton Academy

A couple of weekends back a baseball executive called me from his rental car to let me know ā€œIā€™m going to your home town to see Matt Tabor pitch at Lawrence Academy.ā€ I offered a little town of Groton, Massachusetts tour guide information. That Tyler Beede pitched on that mound at Lawrence Acadamy. I did, […]

Peter Gammons: The crucial development question: To college or the draft?

We saw how far Dansby Swanson, Alex Bregman, Carlos Rodon and Andrew Benintendi reached in their first full professional seasons, as we did the year before when Kyle Schwarber and Michael Conforto were opposing one another in the NLCS in their first full seasons. This is not to suggest that Kyle Tucker, whom the Astros […]

Peter Gammons: Midway Point Thoughts (Parts 1 and 2)

As the 2016 passes the midway point with the curtsy of the All Star Game, last weekendā€™s game at Fort Bragg, N.C. perfectly captured its responsibility as the National Pastime, symbolically, and because of the Marlins and Braves players, the reality in a time when the country is struggling to maintain its most important freedom, […]

Peter Gammons: Two leftovers from the draft

–The Pirates took some heat for drafting shortstop Cole Tucker of Phoenix with the 24th pick because he was rated lower by media services. Now, they signed him for $1.8M, about $125,000 below slot, and were able to then sign Iowa HS RHP Mitch Keller above slot. If the Pirates had passed on Tucker, Oakland […]

Peter Gammons: Top of MLB Draft remains uncertain

We all get the risks involved in drafting pitching, risks and uncertainties that go way beyond these high school kids throwing 95-100 who face five times the inevitability of Tommy John Surgery than the guy who makes it to the big leagues at the age of 25. We saw it in the 2011 draft; two […]