Peter Gammons: Another February traveling through Florida

PHOENIX—The flight from Tampa to Phoenix is a time to think about how different spring training is in the two states that equally divide the 30 training teams. The difference is driving. Arizona’s longest ride from the Biltmore area of Phoenix is 40 minutes. You can do that simply turning off 17 towards Dunedin, let […]

Was Scherzer’s 2nd No-Hitter the Best of 2015?

The Washington Nationals aren’t headed for the postseason, but that hasn’t prevented Max Scherzer from pummeling teams that are chasing a World Series title. Scherzer no-hit the NL East champion New York Mets last night, a mere three months after doing the same to the 97-win Pittsburgh Pirates. The Nats ace joined Roy Halladay (2010, […]

Remembering the members of the baseball community we lost in 2013

Playing Yrs From To ASG WAR/pos G Date of Death Jim Cosman 3 1966 1970 0 -0.1 12 Jan 7 Fred Talbot 8 1963 1970 0 2.0 207 Jan 11 Bubba Harris 3 1948 1951 0 -0.3 87 Jan 12 Enzo Hernandez 8 1971 1978 0 0.4 714 Jan 13 Bill Glynn 4 1949 1954 […]

Derek Trucks’ Walk Up Song

I asked Derek Trucks what his walkup song would be if he were called out of the stands to pinch hit. His choice: Muddy Waters’ “Down in the Bottom.” Trucks is, in my opinion, the greatest guitarist who ever lived, an opinion echoed by Eric Clapton and many others. He and his remarkable wife, Susan […]