Coffee and Clippings: Martin Perez’s Growth

Evan Grant (@Evan_P_Grant) from the Dallas Morning News discusses Martin Perez’s growth and the impact it will have on the pennant race… Meanwhile, Martin Perez, the Rangers’ 22-year-old rookie who grew up idolizing Hernandez in Venezuela, stayed calm, collected and completely in charge. “He had mound presence, poise and maturity,” manager Ron Washington said. “He’s […]

The Journey of Dane De La Rosa

Tommy Rancel is a writer for ESPN Sweetspot Network and He has also written for Bloomberg Sports, FanGraphs, and ESPN Florida. You can follow him on Twitter @TRancel. This winter, the Los Angeles Angels signed relief pitcher Ryan Madson with hopes that the recovering Tommy John surgery patient would help solidify the back-end of […]

Coffee and Clippings: Victorino Heating Up

John Tomase (@jtomase) of the Boston Globe takes a look at Shane Victorino’s recent success… “This is something that needs to be addressed,” said fellow switch-hitter Daniel Nava in mock seriousness. “He’s hitting righty on righty. That’s That’s not easy at all. I think all of us switch hitters are mad at him, because now you’re […]

MLB’s Top Hitting Second Basemen

MLB’s Best Hitting Second Basemen (sorted by OPS) G PA AVG OBP SLUG OPS K% BB% HR% BABIP Robinson Cano (NYY) 129 554 .304 .384 .501 .886 13.2% 11.0% 4.8% .316 Matt Carpenter (STL) 124 568 .311 .382 .476 .858 13.0% 9.5% 2.0% .345 Jason Kipnis (CLE) 117 522 .285 .366 .470 .836 21.8% 11.5% […]

Teach Your Children? Well

From the desk of Joe Sheehan. Joe Sheehan writes for Sports Illustrated and publishes the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter. Last night’s Yankees/Red Sox game provided any number of memorable moments, ones that will stick with us for a while. There was Ryan Dempster’s repeated attempts to injure Alex Rodriguez. There was Rodriguez’s revenge, a monster home […]

Soriano in Pinstripes

A quick look at Alfonso Soriano since his return to the Yankees on July 26, 2013. The heat maps below represent his slugging percentage based on pitch location. Soriano’s Return to the Bronx G PA AVG SLUG OPS OBP H HR K% Alfonso Soriano (Cubs) 93 383 .254 .467 .754 .287 92 17 23.2% Alfonso […]

Coffee and Clippings: Exposed Sox Offense, A-Rod/Braun and Beyond

Nick Cafardo (@nickcafardo) of the Boston Globe takes a look at the predictability of the Red Sox offense… “If you pitch the Red Sox the right way, you can shut them down,” said one National League scout. “They do a tremendous job of working the count. It’s an organizational philosophy that works for them. But […]

Sunday Notes: The Red Sox

The record in games started by opposing lefthanders is 22-18 (going into Sunday night and CC Sabathia), bettered only in their division by the Tampa Bay Rays. Indeed, they have been overpowered in the second half of the season by David Price and Matt Moore, who on the nights they pitched would have dominated anyone, […]

Coffee and Clippings: Ellsbury’s Basestealing Success

Tim Britton (@TimBritton) of the Providence Journal talks about Ellsbury and the Red Sox’s basestealing success… The Red Sox have occasionally gotten themselves into trouble this year by being overaggressive in trying to advance on balls in play. But Boston has helped make up for it with the volume and efficiency of its stolen bases. […]

Soriano Back in Pinstripes

Alfonso Soriano has been one of the best midseason pickups, with 8 homers since July 26 and, after his blast of Boston’s Felix Doubront Friday, 5 homers and 19 RBIs in four games. With the Yanks still having nine games left with the Red Sox, Soriano becomes a huge figure in the American League East […]