Peter Gammons: Keeping up with the Cubs and Indians

Dave Cameron did a fascinating piece on FanGraphs comparing the youthful talent of the Cubs to past youth-dominated powerhouses like the 1978 Expos and 1975 Red Sox, and over the next five years one of the story lines will be how Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, Jason McLeod, et al add, subtract, construct and re-construct this […]

Newberg: A loss and other hurts.

It wasn’t just a loss, an otherwise acceptable outcome since it happens even to the best teams 40 percent of the time. It’s never a comfortable sight when head trainer Kevin Harmon walks onto the field with the manager, and last night he did so twice, visiting Yu Darvish on the mound and then Adrian Beltre […]

Peter Gammons: Gallardo, the Orioles, and what Showalter and Belichick have in common

SARASOTA—When it got acknowledged, the holdup in Yovani Gallardo‘s signing with the Orioles was termed “an irregularity.” But it was clear here Tuesday morning that it was more than that. “It’s really unfortunate,” said one pitcher, to which another added “it’s apparently pretty serious.” As in the chances of sneaking Gallardo’s arm issues past Peter […]

Sunday MLB Nine to Notes: From the Bill Chuck Files of 1/17/16

Nine to Know: From the Bill Chuck Files of January 17, 2016 Ken Griffey, Jr. hit 55 homers against the Twins, the most of any opponent, and he even hit three against the team whose cap he’ll be wearing, the Seattle Mariners. Nelson Cruz hit twice as many homers (44) as doubles (22) in 2015. […]

Newberg: The singular travels of Gil Kim.

The Following is a contribution from Jamey Newberg of The Newberg Report: Various reports indicate that the Blue Jays have been in contact with Yovani Gallardo this week, as they look for a reliable veteran to fit with J.A. Happ at the bottom of their rotation. Short-term memory is a factor, as the 29-year-old pitched […]

Newberg: The longest winter.

The Rangers didn’t trade for Cole Hamels. They didn’t trade for Cole Hamels, because before they could do that, he said yes to Houston. They didn’t trade for Cole Hamels and Jake Diekman, because Houston got them both, and didn’t need to trade for Oliver Perez two weeks later. They didn’t trade for Cole Hamels […]

Newberg: Windows of opportunity.

It’s a relatively big day today, as Texas must decide by the end of the afternoon whether to tender Yovani Gallardo a one-year qualifying offer of $15.8 million, and whether to bid blindly on the right to negotiate with Korean first baseman Byung-ho Park, who was posted by his Nexen Heroes team on Monday. If the Rangers […]

MLBPA List of Free Agents Available to Sign

Earlier this week the MLBPA released the official list of free agents going into the 2016 season. It is comprised of 139 names that will be allowed to sign with any team starting Saturday November 7th.  Atlanta Braves Ross Detwiler Edwin Jackson Peter Moylan A.J. Pierzynski Arizona Diamondbacks David Hernandez Jarrod Saltalamacchia Baltimore Orioles Wei-Yin […]

Newberg: 10 Things

Ten things: 1.     I’ve gotta admit, when I landed in Toronto Wednesday night, it sorta hit me — this felt like a Jays win in four games.  With the Toronto offense being what it is, I felt good about the Cole Hamels start but not great about the other three Texas would need to play before getting […]

Newberg: The comfort of powerlessness

We sat down last night to watch a couple old episodes of “Inside the Actors Studio,” the first one featuring Sting and then another starring Anthony Hopkins, the latter of whom said something toward the end of his hour that, naturally, made me think about baseball. “Today is the tomorrow I was so worried about yesterday.” Thursday, […]