Thank You: A farewell to Gammons Daily

I cannot duly express my appreciation for those who followed Gammons Daily. It was fun for me, allowed me to express what was on my mind, and the site was extraordinarily managed by Rafe Anderson and Cory DiBenedetto.

But now the opportunity to join and write for The Athletic, rejoining some of my longtime friends and associates such as Jayson Stark and Ken Rosenthal, has brought me to the point where it is difficult to find enough hours in the days and weeks to do MLB Network, work on an extended career writing books, writing for The Athletic and maintain Gammons Daily.

Thus, this is a farewell, a difficult as it is. I will miss this audience, and the freedom of expression that TruMedia Networks afforded me. I hope you will become familiar with The Athletic, and never stop devouring whatever baseball thought is available.

Thank you, Peter Gammons

The Athletic: Peter Gammons


  1. David Lutz says:

    You and Roger Angel have been my lifeline to the best writing in baseball. I have followed both of your writings for 30 years.

    David Lutz

  2. Dale Avery says:

    You are the best!

  3. Sorry to see Gammons Daily come to an end.
    Good luck and thank you. Have enjoying been enjoying your insights since the golden days of the Globe sports section in the 70’s-80’s

  4. EddieD_Dedham says:

    That’s too bad Mr Gammons. Been a fan of yours since I read your front page column in the Globe the morning after Game 7 of the ‘75 WS. I was 15 and a sophomore at Catholic Memorial and I’ll never forget the way your writing left me in awe.
    Btw, I was at Game 1 of that Series.

  5. Getting out one step ahead of the law, eh? You can’t call a website daily and only post stuff every 3-4 weeks for long in THIS country.

  6. I will miss your writing. As a 13-year-old in 1978 I would devour your Sunday notes column. You helped usher in a passion for reading that I keep to this day. You write with a style devoid of sarcasm that displays nothing but a love for baseball.

  7. John phillips says:

    Thank you Peter. I look forward to continuing to follow you on the Athletic.