Video: Peter Gammons on the Cuba-MLB connection

Peter gammons joins the Rundown on MLB Network to discuss Cuba’s connection to the MLB…


  1. BeastsInTheEast says:

    There needs to be an MLB team in Havana, simple as that. How many great ball players are there out there? Expand the League, go back to Montreal and start up in Havana. 32 teams, 4 teams in each division. or Move the Rays and someone else.

    • Average cost of 1 MLB ticket in 2016 is $31. Average monthly wage in Cuba is $20. Not happening anytime son.

      • BeastsInTheEast says:

        Maybe at the moment, but embargo is over…. hotels and Vacation resorts will be opening up on the island very soon. They already have the stadium in Havana, with a very enthusiastic fanbase, couple that with the expected influx of tourism, its a stretch of course, but I don’t think it would be unsuccesful. Cuban purchasing power is going to rise in a short period of time, and ad on to that the fact that an official MLB game should yield a much higher demand, as there would be 1 team for the 11 million people in Cuba. If you are selling out every game at an average of $5-10 a ticket, it very much could work.

  2. MLB full-time in Cuba? Not going to happen. Baseball dumped $2 million into stadium upgrades (turf, paint, wood, etc.) so the Tampa Bay Rays could play the Cuban national team last spring but the facility didn’t appear anywhere near what MLB teams are used to. The idea that there’s enough money in that country to support a franchise is incomprehensible. The best case scenario is two big league clubs playing a regular season game or series in that country.