Video: Peter Gammons picks his five breakout pitchers for 2014

Peter Gammons picks his five breakout pitchers for 2014.

Here’s the breakdown:

Chris Archer, Tampa Bay Rays.
“He could be the Dos Equis most interesting man. Well-read, conversational, engaging; all with a 95 mph sinking fastball.”

Joe Kelly, St. Louis Cardinals.
“He’s still developing as a starter, but he’s an athletic freak with no ceiling.”

Jacob Turner, Miami Marlins.
“This spring the one time Tiger number 1 pick was back throwing 95 to 97 the way he was when he was coming out of high school in St. Louis. He was the biggest surprise this spring on a Marlins staff that may have more hard throwers to its organization than any team, anywhere.”

Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians.
“He got to Cleveland last season, won 11 games, and this spring improved even more on utilizing his exceptional movement on his fastball and his ability to study and prepare for each outing.”

Garrett Richards, Los Angeles Angels.
“It’s taken a while for Richards to learn fastball command, but this spring the command had improved. The hard sinking fastball was up to 97 mph and with Tyler Skaggs, the Angels are on the road back to having young power pitchers to mix in with the master, Jered Weaver.”