Video: Peter Gammons talks Hanley Ramirez, Masahiro Tanaka, and the NL Cy Young

Peter Gammons joins Kelly Nash and The Rundown on MLB Network to discuss Hanley Ramirez, Rick Porcello, Kenta Maeda, Masahiro Tanaka, and Kyle Hendricks and the NL Cy Young race…


  1. Bruce Dickinson says:

    When you get to the AL Rookie Of The Year Award, please consider that the idea of Brad Fullmer getting the nod over Gary Sanchez due to the number of games played is completely bogus, spurious. After all, who has played more games in 2016? Sanchez or Fullmer? Also, when you look at Fullmer’s season, he’s only contributed a half season. Then look at Gary’s wins above replacement stats that he has already amassed in fewer games than other position players that have played all season.