Video: Peter on his 2018 Hall of Fame ballot

Peter Gammons joins Christopher Russo on High Heat to discuss his 2018 Hall of Fame ballot…


  1. Dan Newman says:

    Another ballot with less than 10 names but still hear the crying that we need to allow voters to select more than 10. 30-40% of ballots every year have less than 10 selected so it appears a large number of voters feel than not that many worthy.

  2. Victorkiam says:

    how on earth can you vote for Bonds and not Clemens? I don’t get how you can talk yourself into that pickle.

    • Clemens last FOUR seasons in Boston: 39-39, THEN he turns into Cy Young?!!
      Doesn’t happen without help from chemicals.

      • Mike Gallagher says:

        Not only do both deserve to be in, the HOF might as well not exist without them.

        • Victorkiam says:

          agreed…bonds/clemens are HOF’ers and i will add that the PED policy prior to 2003 was at best flimsy and at worst non-existent. To assume guys who got in throughout the 80s were clean is absurd. Guys like Manny should never get in b/c they broke an existing rule on books

    • Anthony Calamis says:

      Conflict of interest, which is I believe explained in the article. Mr. Gammons co-wrote a book with Roger Clemens after his MVP season and doesn’t feel he can be impartial so did not check his name.

  3. Bob Matthews says:

    I cannot understand why Billy Wagner isn’t on many of these publicized ballots. I love Peter, but Wagner was dominant throughout his career, including a 10-year sample size !!

    • Mathew Brownstein says:

      Completely agree on Wagner. Been a huge proponent of Billy making the HoF. Other than saves, Wagner blows Hoffman away in almost every other rate category (ERA, ERA+, FIP, WHIP, SO/9, WAA, etc).

  4. Anthony Calamis says:

    Some can’t separate the players after 7 or 8, some are small Hall, some don’t think 10 are worthy, some don’t want bigger classes.

    That still doesn’t explain how 12+ 2014 BBWAA ballot players will be in, but the limit was 10 that year. That’s terrible.

  5. Gregor Uhlmann says:

    put Rolen on his HOF ballot but not Andruw Jones. Wow…

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