Video: Peter on Red Sox offense, NL West, and more

Peter Gammons joins Scott Braun and MLB Tonight on MLB Network to talk about the Red Sox replacing David Ortiz in their lineup, the NL West, the Nationals’ bullpen, and more…


  1. John Inferrera says:

    Hi Peter,
    I wonder why no one mentions Panda’s shoulder surg. that cost him an entire yr. Is it possible that there was a long standing issue that sapped his rt handed power slowly over several yrs. ? That could have been the reason he gave up switch hitting in 2015. I have never seen an explanation of the nature of the problem or any single injury causing incident.

  2. Jim Motsko says:

    Was that you I saw having breakfast today at Mango Cafe in Isla Mujeres?
    Jim Motsko,
    Villa Tranquila
    Isla Mujeres,MX

  3. Jim Motsko says:

    I am an ardent Baltimore Orioles Fan