Xander Bogaerts since the Stephen Drew signing

xander bogaerts red sox

To start the season, Xander Bogaerts was given the keys to the kingdom in that he faced virtually no competition at the shortstop position, and playing time in general. Despite that lack of competition, he seemed to have his hands full with the position for the first month and a half of the season, while his numbers at the plate have been less than management had hoped.

Then on May 20th, the Red Sox signed Stephen Drew, and Bogaerts sprang to life. It is tough to say whether his recent spurt is a result of competition creeping in on a previously content Bogaerts, or perhaps he is now more confident in his future as a third baseman, as he will not have to deal with the pressures of short for the time being. Either way you look at it, since hearing about Drew, a fire has been lit in Bogaerts…

Xander Bogaerts
Up to 5/20 .270 .372 .378 .750
5/20-Today .390 .457 .585 1.042

Bogaerts slug before 520

Bogaerts Slug since 520


  1. I don’t care why or what lit the fire, but its been a pleasure to watch. During that same time JBIII has also taken off. Is it just a matter of a couple times through the teams & getting used to Major League pitching? It doesn’t really matter, these guys have stardom written all over their faces!